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Luxury Restroom Trailers

The next level up in your porta potty rental. 

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Restroom Rentals

Stop and Go Pottys' luxury restroom trailers offer the best for your wedding, banquet, outdoor event, or long-term rental. In addition to upscale styling, our luxury restroom trailers are fitted with heating, air conditioning, and variable-temperature running water.


The climate control trailer has two exterior entrances for ladies and gentlemen, featuring private stalls and hot and cold running water at the built-in vanity sink. Interior wood flooring, dark trim accents, and ambient lighting add an elegant touch. 


2 Stall: 100 ppl for 2-5 hour event

Best Use: Ideal for small weddings and family events.

3 stall-01 png-02.png

3 Stall: 200+ ppl for 2-5 hour event

Best Use: Ideal for office parties or corporate events.


6 Stall: 300+ ppl for 2-5 hour event

Best Use: Ideal for large weddings, corporate parties, and fundraisers.


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