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Luxury Restroom Trailers

The next level up in your porta potty rental. 

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Restroom Rentals

Elevate your wedding, banquet, outdoor event, or long-term rental with the exquisite luxury restroom trailers from Stop and Go Pottys. Our upscale restroom trailers not only boast stylish aesthetics but also offer advanced amenities to enhance your experience. With heating, air conditioning, and variable-temperature running water, these trailers ensure optimal comfort for your guests.

Designed with utmost attention to detail, our climate control trailer features separate exterior entrances for ladies and gentlemen. Inside, you'll find private stalls and a built-in vanity sink with hot and cold running water. The interior exudes elegance with its wood flooring, dark trim accents, and ambient lighting, creating a sophisticated atmosphere that adds a touch of refinement to any occasion. Trust Stop and Go Pottys to provide the finest luxury restroom trailers for an unforgettable event experience.


2 Stall: 100 ppl for 2-5 hour event

Best Use: Ideal for small weddings and family events.

3 stall-01 png-02.png

3 Stall: 200+ ppl for 2-5 hour event

Best Use: Ideal for office parties or corporate events.


6 Stall: 300+ ppl for 2-5 hour event

Best Use: Ideal for large weddings, corporate parties, and fundraisers.


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