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Unparalleled Service

Stop and Go Potties offers our customers unparalleled service and a wide range of options to meet any portable sanitation need.

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Portable Toilets

Stop and Go's individual porta potties are used every day by thousands of customers - from standard portable toilets for construction sites, long-term use, oil fields, farms, parking lots or large events to upscale portable restrooms for weddings, picnics or corporate events. 

Standard Porta Potty

Best Use: The back bone of any construction site, event, or temporary bathroom need. 

Elevator Potty

Best Use: With a low-profile body resting on four heavy-duty casters, the elevator porta-potty moves easily through all the levels of your job site without the use of a crane.

Flying Porta Potty

Best Use: Flying cans are standard construction porta potties secured in a lifting hoist raised to the upper levels of your job site.

Portable Handicap Restroom

Best Use: Is space or accessibility an issue? With a ground-level floor, hand rails, and ADA space clearance, this portable restroom is equally great for wheelchair access or the person who wants more room.

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