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5 Reasons Your Construction Site Needs Porta Potties

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

The effectiveness of a portable restroom on a construction site can be overlooked sometimes.

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On construction sites, whether it’s a new build or renovations, construction companies are obligated under OSHA law to provide access to toilet and sanitation facilities. OSHA law dictates employers must provide “adequate and readily accessible sanitation facilities.”

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Everyone needs to use the restroom at some point during the workday. Access to appropriate facilities needs to extend to all aspects of your day. Whether your employees are working inside or outside they need to be able to use clean accessible facilities. Construction porta potty rentals keep the worksite in compliance with OSHA regulations and are a must for your employees.

Let’s look at 5 reasons why your construction site needs porta-potties.


As previously stated, workers will need to use the restroom at some point during the workday. If one is not provided for them, you will force them to go search and find one. Workers might have to cross busy streets. Distracted roaming around a construction site is never a good idea. Safety should be your top priority on your construction site. Having adequate and readily accessible facilities will remove this potentially dangerous scenario.


You want your workers to be productive. Doesn’t every employer? If your employees must spend time looking for a restroom, that’s less time spent working. Are you on a timeline with constraints and goals to hit? It’s not suitable to take work time away from your employees. There should be accessible facilities for your employees to use quickly when the time comes to use the restroom. Employees being comfortable and maintaining productivity are both tantamount to success.


Have you been somewhere that doesn’t have a trash can? Trash ends up on the ground, right? We often don’t realize there isn’t a trash can until we can’t find one. Then what do we do with our trash? As we’ve stated previously, your employees will need to use the restroom at some point during the workday. Besides the loss of work time, the employee’s safety while searching for an accessible facility, what will happen if your employees don’t find one? Cleanliness of a work site is a MUST. It is more enjoyable when your workplace is clean. There is always a chance that potential clients or an inspector could show up at your work site and you want it to be as clean as possible.


Respect on the job, for clients, and your coworkers is vital in creating a happy and healthy environment for everyone involved. Providing accessible facilities for your employee’s is a simple step in showing your employees the respect they deserve. Think about this, what if a potential client came to your worksite and noticed a lack of porta potties for your workers. That client’s view of the worksite would plummet. Respect is crucial in job completion. Show your employees the respect they deserve by providing accessible facilities and let them know they are important, and you consider their needs.


You are passionate about your job, and you want your employees to be passionate about theirs also. Making sure that your worksite has the essentials for everyone is not only the respectful thing to do, but it’s the professional thing to do. You shouldn’t skip any of the pivotal materials that make your worksite functional. You want to make sure the process is enjoyable for your employees while making sure clients see your professionalism on the worksite.

Porta potty rentals for your worksite is a necessity that you should provide for your employees. Employers cannot expect employees to not use the restroom during the day; it’s illegal, dangerous, and disrespectful.

Stop & Go Potties has several options for your worksite to ensure it has the necessities your employees deserve.

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