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Home Renovations Made Easier with Porta Potties

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

How can porta potties make your home renovation projects easier?

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Home renovations projects are a big deal no matter how much or how little work is being done. Organization is essential to avoiding unneeded stress and anxiety as work is being completed. Aside from planning the details of the renovation itself, thought needs to be given to the needs of the workers that will be spending long days working on your renovation. Many homeowners find it instrumental to invest in renting a portable toilet during the renovation process.

Like any other project, the first steps include deciding exactly what needs to be done and setting a budget. After you have determined all of the details are completed like colors and measurement; design; you have researched and picked your contractors estimated the cost of and length of time the renovation will take. It will include everything from paint samples, fabric and carpet samples and photos of before the renovations starts to contracts and receipts. The extent of your home renovation may leave your home in disarray, and it’s super important to have convenient access to these items. You can keep them in a clear marked plastic tote, zippered binder or an accordion file.

It’s always a good idea to clear out the space you are renovating before work starts. You may find it annoying to have so many things out of place during the renovation, it can be beneficial to prepare before your renovation starts. You may want to think about renting a storage unit so that you can pack things that are not needed during the renovation. While you are packing you might even want to get rid of things that you don’t ever use, make sure and label your boxes to keep them organized.

Most homeowners prefer to keep their home’s bathrooms private during renovations. Before starting it’s a good idea to arrange for a porta potty to be delivered for the workers to use. Homeowners do not want strangers to use their bathroom for privacy and security reasons along with cleanliness being a huge factor. Do your research on companies near you that offer portable facilities. The fees are usually reasonable, and weekly cleaning is included in the price.

The porta potty should be located far enough away from the home that odor does not become an issue. Make sure that you are considerate of any neighbors or any other facilities near you and put them a suitable distance from them. Porta potties should not be in the line of sight for any of your neighbors.

You should be aware that occasionally runners, delivery drivers or even a random person will see a porta potty and stop to use it. Vandalism could be an issue; you can prevent any of those things from happening. You may want to put a lock on the door of the porta potty after all of the workers leave for the day and unlock it the next time the workers return.

Renovations are a lot of work, but with the proper planning and keeping things organized it can be made easier. Check out our porta potty services and try to make things as simple as possible during your renovation.

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