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Rental Success Story: Stop and Go Potties' Seamless Solution for Home Renovation


Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. Can you start by telling us about your home renovation project and its scope?

Of course!

My husband and I recently purchased his grandmother's mid-century ranch house in the middle of Brenham, Texas. We're taking every room back down to the studs and renovating everything. We're also adding onto our main bedroom and bathroom to make it slightly bigger.

There are a hundred different hurdles and problems to solve... but we quickly learned that one of our most significant projects would be our bathrooms. Both of the bathrooms at our house need to be replumbed and virtually gutted. Which is great because that means we'll have two beautiful new bathrooms. But it's tough because that means we won't have a working toilet in the house for us or our renovation crew for the next nine months.

Can you explain how Stop and Go Potties helped address this challenge?

Right away, I knew I could call Brannon Industrial Group to set me up with a porta-potty rental from Stop and Go Potties while we waited for our bathrooms to be worked on.

It's great to hear that the porta potties contributed to the efficiency of your renovation. How was your overall experience with Stop and Go Potties?

It was great! It was so easy. I just went to the Stop and Go website and filled out a quote request. Within a day or so, I was contacted by a sales rep to capture all of the details of our project. We decided on a day for delivery, and then I just paid for the services over email. On the day of the porta-potty delivery, the Stop and Go delivery truck just gave me a call to confirm the delivery, and it was done!

Safety and efficiency are crucial in any renovation project. Based on your experience, would you recommend Stop and Go Potties to others in similar situations?

Absolutely!! I can't say enough how simple it was. The agreement included three service treatments to the potty, and if I wanted it to be moved or cleaned additionally, it was just a phone call away.

Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences with us. We appreciate your time and wish you the best of luck with the rest of your home renovation project.

Tackling a comprehensive home renovation project often comes with unexpected challenges, but even the most formidable obstacles can be overcome with the right solutions. Our homeowner's renovation journey highlights the importance of addressing practical needs, such as restroom facilities, during a renovation that renders existing spaces unusable. Stop and Go Potties, through their hassle-free porta-potty rental services, proved to be a vital and efficient solution, ensuring the comfort and convenience of the homeowners and renovation crew throughout the project. Their seamless process, from quote request to delivery and service, made a significant difference in maintaining safety and efficiency on the job site. For anyone embarking on a similar renovation adventure, stopping and going to Potties for portable restroom solutions is undoubtedly a recommendation worth considering. We wish our homeowner the best of success as they continue their journey toward transforming their house into a modern and beautiful home.

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